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I am a training designer!

My experience of field expert in two areas led me to become a specialist in transposing experience from one field to another. 

This competency is one of the non-technical competencies, or Human Factors, that differ from the technical competencies we learn in studies.

So I hope that this experience will help you to improve safety, reliability and performance in your own company.





Human Factors :


Organisational and Human Factors come from different sciences :

- ergonomics,

- cognitive sciences,

- socio-psychology,

- sociology of organisations,

- systems theory

- teaching methods...


and Human


Cognitive sciences






Leadership and team spirit


culture and job culture





Decision-making process


Detecting errors





Competition/ cooperation




Attention and vigilance


breaks and


Monitoring and intervening

Group protection mechanisms

Identifying risk migrations

Risk management

Explicit and implicit rules

Managing priorities



Conflict and tension




Teaching by fear and teaching by error

Teaching skills and methods

Safety culture transmission

Experience sharing

Organisation and  systems theory

Organisational Cultures

Experience report



Safety Culture

Risk awareness tools





To err is human...

Sharing errors moves the system forward!

Violation lecture and course for managers or field experts


Understanding violations

  • internal and external factors

  • collective factors

  • systemic factors

  • theory models : SRK, pressure dynamics, ETTO, Safety 1 et Safety 2

  • risk perception

  • violation consequences


  • risk management plans

  • detecting migrations

  • possibilities to act

  • recurrent training

  • risk awareness tools


  • actions and protection mechanisms

  • just culture

  • incidents and event analysis

  • information and communication



  • indicators

  • tool box for managers and field experts

The program of my training sessions is available on request.


Trainings :

- "Improving safety and performance with Organisational and Human Factors" for managers and quality managers

- "Improving safety in Team work" for field experts

- "Changing the point of view on errors and violations to improve safety" for field experts

- "Tutors and safety in monitoring students" for field experts tutors

- "Violations and errors management with Human Factors" for managers and quality managers (plan above)

Training assesment :


What interest managers and field experts during Human Factors training sessions:

- protection mechanisms facing errors

- violations,

- error culture,

- group mechanisms,

- learning through errors, 

- stress,

- leadership,

- teaching methods and teaching skills

- parallels with aeronautics and other fields...

Training assesment

by trainees

Useful and interesting training.

Diversity of phases and medias,

vidéos, exercices, dynamic.

Necessary bases and very well presented.

Very good and clear presentation, well illustrated, very representative.

Here are my publications on Organisational and Human Factors :

You can find them on Eurocontrol website, in the magazine Hindsight :

- number 22,  on safety nets : 

The Air Trafic Controler as a safety net: perhaps the most important one ?


- number 23, on situational awareness :

"How much are we aware of the situations ?"

- number 25, sur Work-as-done and work-as-imagined, written with my colleagues :

"Safety is in the eye of the beholder"

- number 26 :

- on lessons learned and practice sharing :

"Experience report and experience sharing"


- on the differences of perception between field experts and maangers:

"Safety is real only when shared : understanding managers' and controllers' perceptions"

PLease read the articles written by Tzvetomir Blajev, Pr Erick Hollnagel, Dr Steven Shorrock and Pr Dekker!

I also finished a University study about risk and safety perception, by field experts and managers, and their impact on risk mitigation action, like training, communication between them, lessons learned, quality and safety management.

Florence-Marie Jégoux :


I started as a nurse, working in intensive care units and emergency services in hospitals.

Then I became a private pilot, which led me to discover aeronatics and especially Air Trafic Control. I went back into studies to become an Air Trafic Controller, and worked in a tower for 5 years.

After that, I became a specialist, internal auditor, and Human Factor trainer for the french ATC.

I took part in the national group that conceived and realised the HF training for Air trafic controllers.

I then became a coach and consultant.

In 2017, I graduated from Bordeaux National Polytechnics Institute in HF. My dissertation was about "risk and safety perception from managers and field experts, and risk mitigation actions".

I am now a consultant, trainer and specialist in Organisational and Human Factors in health system, in aeronautics and in industry.

I teach in University about violation management and risk perception.

I would be delighted to help your organisation to enhance safety, reliability and performance with my competencies in Human Factors.

Best regards.

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